Patching a mountain

The installation Patching a mountain is mounted on a small ridge between the buildings at Seterbråten Housing. A staircase of granite gives access to the hill, where people meet a “portal” of two giant black bronze sculptures. On one side the access to the hill is helped by a yellow beam, a long bronze handle.

The art plan for Seterbråten Boliger aims for the art project to stimulate nature experiences, play and identity creation. The buildings are placed like a horseshoe around a ridge of trees, scrub and heather. Parts of the ridge has been blown away on three sides to make room for houses and roads.

The art installation consists of four elements which are all placed in connection with the hill between the houses: A staircase in granite that has been cut into the rock, a yellow “beam” in painted bronze and, two monumental sculptures in black patinated bronze, which form a passage.

Patching a mountain
Seterbråten housing, Oslo municipality

Photos: Geir Tyrmi