Crystal bulbs, iron tubes and texts, 1999

Trøndelag Centre of contemporary art,1999
Henie-Onstad Art Center, 2001
European Space, Riga, Latvia, 2004


100.1   (encephalos) Inside of me, sits a tiny me who keeps order, and with strict precision, directs my next move. That me inside integrates and interprets the body's chaos and its fluid demands to her/his complete satisfaction and filters out the irrelevancies. But wait – who sits inside that tiny me inside me and rules...

100.2   (cortex) Here that me inside me finds out what I believe has happened to me.

150.2   (bulbous oculi) I am seen, therefore, I am.

173.4   (stoma) The mouth always says what I wish to say...

181.8   (auris) the ear always hears what you mean to say.

182.3   (naeso) From its place up front, it figures out what's under the surface.

206.3   (pulmoneus)  The safe air fills the whole cavity and expands me. The anxiety causes me to be unable to breathe... It becomes constricted and I cannot exhale.

277.7   (larynx) The voice of the stomach and the beat of the heart...

333.3   (columna vertabris)  Before it can be seen, the back must be straight.

363.6   (vertebra)  The soft joint is honest and open. The only way to avoid exposure is to move less.

520.1   (ventriculus) We are filled with happiness, overflowing with tenderness, boiling with anger, and bubbling over with joy! We are filled, emptied, and understand that what is in here meets everything that is out there. The fluids rule that tiny me inside me.

521.7   (cardia) Drawn together so that we should not bubble over or let off too much steam. Throughout the years, so many feelings held prisoner here.

529.4   (pylorus) The jailer of our feelings. Those feelings are imprisoned and released only in acceptable doses and forms. When too many feelings are imprisoned, there is danger of rebellion.

543.1   (hepar)  The source of truth.

600.1   (cor) The warm heart becomes a pulsing motion right under the breast bone. The cold heart chills the air and needs no pulse.

736.4   (vesicula)  When control is lost, warmth spreads to the cheeks.

735.2   (renes)  Well-being is the kidneys' cleanser. They are filled from the top of the brain, provided with safety by the lungs, blended with good feelings in the stomach, and then they get suitable doses through the warm bloodstream.

823.6   (articulatio coxae) Those moving hips hide the forbidden.

991.6  (hysteria) The warm cradle.

998.1   (testis)  The real excitement.

999.1   (vagina) This weak point of the wall of defence is filled with enjoyment.

Fluorescent tubes and wires, 1999

Trøndelag Centre of contemporary art,1999
Henie-Onstad Art Center, 2001
Kunstnernes hus, 2002
Haugar Art Museum, 2014