Soap Stories


Installation with soaps and texts. 2004 - 2014

FAC, Sierre Switzerland, 2004
Kunstnernes hus, 2004
Kunstbanken, Hamar 2007

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Soap Stories

this piece of soap was the most precious
thing she owned
it was a gift and she wanted to use it
at a special occasion

this piece of soap was the only
trace of her
she had moved on to another city

she kept the smell to remember

she bought it before she left

she cared for the dead
and found that they
had lost their smell

her life had made her hands
red and swollen

the smell transformed her

she found it at a stone
by the brook

she always stole them

in her house
the cupboard
was full

she thinks he likes this smell
she loved her own smell

it was placed on the nursing table
a long time ago
she never used it

this was all she wanted to inherit

she found a purse for toilet
requisites in the loft
inside it was a box
with a soap

the summer house was empty during the winter
when the spring arrived
the old soaps were changed with new ones
she thought of it as an important ritual

she brought it from the nursing home
as a memory
she washed herself thoroughly
a week passed
and nothing has happened

the thick skin on her heels made her
blush when she used her summer shoes
she tried to wash it away
it did not help much

when it was all over
she washed herself, her clothes
and the entire apartment

afterwards the only thing left
was a smell of honey

red and swollen
she pulled
the plug

he sensed she had returned

she borrowed it from the neightbour

and hid behind the curtain

a souvenir from Italy that
came Cash on delivery

she laid it out
it was red and so lovely

the floors
came up like new

she washed
everything by hand

they didn't use soap any more

there was no room 13

room 319
a small suite with
a raisable bed

room 140
it was the first time

room 423
there were mothballs in the pocket
the suit was in use
only once a year

they believed in God
in the cupboard was the suitcase
full of booze and biscuits

room 701
they ran down the corridor naked
and swam in the pool in the dark

room 282
they pretended they went to Paris
the hotel was close by

room 720
a mirror in the ceiling
the suite, large with a view
they agreed to meet twice a year

room 317
the counterpane lay a crumple on the bed
the case with the suit left behind

room 619
the wrong room
but stayed there

room 211
lay untouched
the heart had stopped

room 201
forgot to draw the curtains
the staff smiled
when she checked out