Installation of wood objects. 2004-2007
WoodWorks presentation

FAC, Sierre, Switzerland 2004
Kunstbanken, Hamar 2006
Haugar kunstmuseum, 2006
Tromsø kunstforening, 2007
Galleri Kunst.1, Sandvika, 2010


In the installation WoodWorks we are invited to a peak into a household pharmacy made up by whittled wooden objects. The true to life replicas of lipsticks, cream canisters, Qtips, toothbrushes, empty pill trays and boxes, half-used facial cream and Botox injections that make up Household Pharmacy are all carefully put to display on an endless shelf that winds the exhibition space. The condition of the objects tells us that they are in constant use and the amount suggests that these objects have invaded and taken over the life of its owner.

The short film WoodWorks tells us the dramatic story of how the objects in Pharmacy have been manufactured. The film uses the larger-than-life Technicolor Hollywood drama aesthetic as a backdrop for its only star and protagonist The Hunter. Set in the deep Norwegian forests we are invited to follow The Hunter during the lipstick hunting season (!).


Order of things. Video, 2006