Afraid of the dark

IMG_4967 AOTDark
Installation of iron, plywood and electric lamps. 2007

By the Way, Bergen, 2006
Tromsø kunstforening, 2007
Interferences, Elblag, Poland, 2009
Kongsvinger festning, 2010

We often use the concept of darkness about things that we are afraid of. Interestingly enough, it is usually not the darkness itself that we are afraid of, but rather what it conceals. Darkness can hide actions, objects and forms that we may fear.
In Hanne Tyrmi’s installation ”Afraid of the dark” we are met by two cityscapes; buildings made out of chicken fence, clustered toghether on small islands and lit up by industrial lights. The cityscapes gives associations to images released daily in the press. This is war, illegal prisons, control by force and torture. It is ”them” or ”us”. It is uncomfortable. This is a location for the darkest aspects of our societies.
If we look closer it is something familiar with the shape of the buildings. These are towerblocks! The cityscapes could be snapshots from any major city in Europe. They are ”home”. But why do the buildings have no entrances or windows? There is no way in. There is no way out. Is there someone trapped on the inside? In the dark?
There is however a duality in Hanne Tyrmis ”Afraid of the Dark”. The dark towerblocks are surrounded by a set of strong industrial lights. It is as the light wants to penetrate the walls and illuminate the darkness within. Perhaps darkness and light are simply two sides of the same thing; a state of tension between light and what is known on the one hand, and darkness and the unknown on the other?

Afraid of the dark. Video 2007

Tromsø kunstforening, 2007